Introduction to MebeforeMe.

I’m just your average, single, 20 something year old, sassy girl who has had her heart broken one too many times.

I often get asked how I am so confident, or how and why I love myself the way I do and the honest truth is … because if I don’t love me how the fuck do I expect someone else to love me. I won’t lie, I love every part of me the good, the bad and the god damn ugly.

My aim in this blog is to help, guide and encourage all you beautiful girls who feel like a piece of shit, who feel worthless and ugly because of the shitty fuckboys who have done them over.

I want every girl to feel like the fucking sass queen that they truly deserve to be. My end goal is to help and guide every one of you to believe in yourself, sass it and most of all be your own biggest fan, own it and fucking love yourself.

I am honest.

I am brutal.

But I will be with you every sassy step of the way, all you need to do is holla at me.